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Prairie Mountain Health Patient Well Wishes

Patient Well Wishes Program


Send Well Wishes to family and friends who are spending time in the hospital or residing in a personal care home.

Staff will print, seal & deliver your message.


PLEASE NOTE:  WELL WISHES received after 4:00 pm and on weekends or holidays will be delivered the next business day.

  • The system is set up to only receive email. We are unable to send outgoing replies or confirm that a patient is admitted.
  • Emails received after the patient has been discharged will not be delivered.
  • Messages other than WELL WISHES will not be delivered and will be deleted.
  • To help protect against Spam all text containing html code or links will be dropped.

Your privacy is important to us! All staff follow strict confidentiality policies.


Fill in the following form to send your well wishes now!


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ThinkingofYouThumb     HelloThumb   FlowersLoveThumb   Miss You    
Thinking of You
Flowers & Love
Miss You
BirthdayThumb      Happy Birthday Enjoy    Congratulations Baby    Mothers Day    
Happy Birthday     Happy Birthday - Enjoy   Congratulations - Baby   Happy Mother's Day    
Mothers Day Best Mom                  
Happy Mother's Day - Best Mom                  



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