Patient Safety

Our Purpose: Safe quality care and risk reduction is achieved throughout Prairie Mountain Health.

Our Aim:
To promote organizational culture of safety and continuous improvement through leadership, facilitation, education and capacity building of: Innovation and Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Risk Management, Patient and Staff Engagement.


PSHandbookimageAcute Care Patient Safety Handbook

The Acute Care Patient Safety Handbook has been developed to inform and educate patients and families about their role in safety. It is important that patients know what they can do to ensure they have a safe stay while receiving care in our facilities. 

SpeakupSpeak Up Pamphlet

Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) is committed to inform and educate clients and families in writing and verbally about the client and family’s role in promoting safety.

Inviting PMH clients and families to be partners in achieving safe care is needed. This pamphlet is one way to assist with promoting this desired partnership. 

Patient Safety Reports

In a culture of patient safety, everyone is encouraged to report and learn from patient safety incidents, including harmful, no-harm, and close calls. The Prairie Mountain Health Incident Reporting System is simple (few steps), clear (what needs to be reported, how to report, and to whom), confidential, and focused on system improvements. Clients and families may report patient safety incidents differently than staff members, but everyone is encouraged to report.

The immediate response to a patient safety incident is to address the urgent care and support needs of those involved and take action to reduce any risk of imminent recurrence.

Analyzing patient safety incidents to look for patterns or trends, can yield helpful information, as can analyzing incidents in isolation.

Communicating patient safety reports (e.g. with clients and families, governance, leadership, clinical teams, and external partners) builds confidence in the incident management system and promotes learning from patient safety incidents.

Client Falls Report

For more information on patient safety reports, go to Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living's Patient Safety webpage.

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Patient Safety Week

Canadian Patient Safety Week is a national, annual campaign that started in 2005 to inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality. As the momentum for promoting best practices in patient safety has grown, so has the participation in Canadian Patient Safety Week. Canadian Patient Safety week is relevant to anyone who engages with our healthcare system: providers, patients, and citizens. Working together, thousands help spread the message to Ask. Listen. Talk.

Canadian Patient Safety Week is held each year at the end of October.

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