Dauphin Health Care Career Event

Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) is hosting a Health Care Career Event in Dauphin on Thursday, February 15, 2018. The PMH coordinated event will take place at the Dauphin Recreation Complex in the Lion’s Den. Interested in: nursing, health care aide, diagnostic services, human resources, mental health, housekeeping/laundry, public health, nutrition services...and more!

1 p.m. ~ Doors open / Visit department displays/tables

Session 1:

1:30 to 3 p.m. ~ Health Care Career Presentations

3 to 6 p.m. ~ Visit department displays/tables

Session 2:

6 to 7:30 p.m. ~ Health Care Career Presentation (repeat of Session 1 presentations).


PMH Supervisor of Recruitment Larissa Kominko says those wishing to learn more about career opportunities available in health care are urged to attend, and answers some questions below.

1) What does PMH have planned for those who attend their presentation/display area at the Health Care Career event in Dauphin? 
Individuals will have the chance to learn about what different departments in health care have to offer in regards to employment opportunities.  Departments will describe more about what careers exist, and what you can find yourself doing if you were to work in that specific department.  Individuals will learn about how to apply for work, what health care benefits are available, what it means to work shift work and other topics

2) How important and valuable is it for PMH to participate in events like this? 
It is important for the public to know what jobs are available and provides a learning opportunity for people to know how they should apply for work, and what is required as far as education/experience to work in different departments.  There is a vast number of jobs within the different departments, and this can be difficult to understand, but with this career event, we can better explain all that health care has to offer.   

3) What kind of success have you had from these events? 
The attendance at various career events allows PMH to share with the public who we are, where we are, and what we have to offer.  It is hard to measure the success of filling vacancies, but we hope that we have convinced individuals to visit our website  and follow us on social media to explore more about PMH and to apply for vacant positions.  This event is different than most events we attend, as PMH is now ‘the host,’ so it’s ALL about health care.  This is the first of this kind for PMH, and we are very excited to have this learning opportunity with the public.

4) Do you find that people might be unaware of other positives that working in health care can provide? (i.e. Health Care Benefits Plan, additional educational opportunities, career advancement etc.)
People might not know what other positives there are for working in health care until they are hired into the organization and start to learn more about it.  Some of those positives can include; being part of a union, the great working relationships with clients, colleagues and the community, a strong multi-disciplinary teams, staff recognition program, orientation programs, ongoing education opportunities (clinical & non-clinical), and Employee Benefit plans (pension, disability, extended health coverage, dental etc.). 

5) During events like this, how do you "sell" the PMH region?
It can depend on where the career event is being held, but usually, I find it very easy to sell PMH because of the beautiful geographical area that we live in!  Pictures help but don’t do it any justice, so I tell them they just have to come out and experience it.  It’s a chance to live and work in an urban area or a rural area / small town and have access to all the amenities needed.  Working in the health care system can be rewarding and satisfying, and the lifestyle is a bonus.  Health care programs & services in western Manitoba continues to expand which provides for more growth within this environment.